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The Law of Attraction in Real Estate

Guestpert : Toni Patillo
Category : Real Estate
Tags : Real Estate, Law of Attraction, Create, Universal Laws, Buying a Home, Selling a Home

Ms. Patillo is the Principal and Broker for Toni Patillo & Assoc.’s, a Residential & Commercial Real Estate Company whose expertise is in the liquidation of properties for people who are selling due to particular circumstances. Leading her own sales team, in standard sales and purchases, Toni Patillo & Associates has a specific niche in Senior Transition sales, Probate, Trust sales, Bankruptcy, Divorce, Short Sales, and Pre-Foreclosure liquidations.

This subject is very near and dear to me. Since the late 80’s I have always worked with the Laws of Nature. The Law of Attraction is a Law of Nature. Essentially “What You Think You Create”, What You Speak You Create”, “What You Focus on Expands”.

I’ve worked with “Visualization Exercises”, “Vision Boards” sometimes referred to as “Walls of Fame and Journaling”. For many years I recognized the power of “The Law of Attraction” well before it became popular through the release of “The Secret”, written by Rhonda Byrne. When I bought my first home I was still in the Entertainment Industry, I absolutely saw and experienced personally “The Law of Attraction”.

What’s important to understand is that it all boils down to “Mindset” and “Intention”. When I worked for Berry Gordy at Motown, I remember often in his motivational speeches he answered questions about how he was able to be so successful and what did he do to get where he was. I’ve never forget hearing him say “It’s Mindset, Intention and Focus, that is The Formula”. I have followed that formula now for over 30 years.

So, as it relates to real estate, I used “Law of Attraction” to acquire my first home. I was in a multiple offer with other Buyers, Buyer’s offering much higher than my offer and I kept visualizing my furniture, my family, my car in the driveway, my Rhodesian Ridgeback protecting me, my clothes in the closet………………. everything and this is all I thought of until it became mine. I even used the law of attraction when it came time to select my dog Buju, who was everything that I had designed in my mind.

Today, there is not much that I do that doesn’t involve “The Law of Attraction”. In my coaching and teachings with my Agents, I teach them about the Law and work with various case studies. Keller Williams University which is now worldwide refers to “The Laws of Attraction”. It Works and It’s Real.