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Full Name Show Segment Network etc Medium Notes
Toni Patillo Defining What it Means to be an Entrepreneur Print
Toni Patillo Bloomer Boomer 7 Practical Things To Preventing Elder Abuse Print
Toni Patillo Reader’s Digest 40 Risks Everyone Should Take by 40 Print
Toni Patillo Residential Real Estate in the Time of Coronavirus Print
Toni Patillo Mainstream Mental Health Radio Preventing Elder Abuse Radio
Toni Patillo What’s the Difference Podcast The Power of an Empowered Mind USUK Radio
Toni Patillo The Bright Side The Power of a Positive Mindset A nationally syndicated radio program on the Genesis Communications Radio Network. The program can be heard on GCN Monday – Friday, from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. (MST) Radio
Toni Patillo America Trends What baby boomers have to face when buying a home at this time in life YouToo TV
Toni Patillo Leaders Who Care video series What Aging Adults Need to Know about Buying a Home TV
Toni Patillo Transformations with Tara The Power of a Positive Mindset TV
Toni Patillo Mystar95 Books That Make You, Podcast Podcast
Toni Patillo Money You Should Ask The Power of A Positive Mindset Podcast