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Tamara R.

Toni Patillo is truly a dynamic real estate professional and very likely the most knowledgeable Senior Real Estate Specialist instructor in the Southern California area. As Broker of Record for the Keller Williams Santa Monica | Palisades office, she and I have a shared interest in developing our sales team. Toni’s leadership of the team touches on many facets including education about business building and client relations. Her commitment to working with seniors, was personally an inspiration for me to obtain my own Senior Real Estate Specialist designation. Toni really went the extra mile as the instructor for my session, by understanding the needs of each person attending the and making the curriculum come to life by weaving in real life experiences. Toni is an exceptional coach, trainer, and real estate professional who “sets the bar” for excellence in relationship-building, ethical behavior, professionalism and compassion. In addition, she is highly regarded and sought after as a speaker and author on senior transition issues as well as various real estate related topics. I give Toni the highest recommendation possible.

Karim W.

Toni has a way of relating few people do. She is direct without being intimidating and leaves me knowing she’s authentically invested in my results. There is nobody I trust more to help me explore what’s possible for me, design my plan and hold me accountable to working the plan.

Cary H.

As a Business and Financial Advisor for 50 years I can confidently say that Toni Patillo is one of the most professional, thorough, knowledgeable, motivated and with the highest of integrity, Real Estate Brokers that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. My only regret is that I wasn’t introduced to her decades ago.

Eric S.

Phenomenal realtor. Sharp as a tack. Efficient beyond belief. Toni Patillo and William Wilmarth are without equals. They had to negotiate with three lenders + a challenging HOA to sell our condo in a short sale, and they pulled it off with astonishing grace, precision, confidence, and optimism. A+ performance.

Nicolette J.

I am so blessed to have worked with Toni Patillo from Keller Williams since 2002. She is knowledgeable, everyone knows her , she is kind, Calm and well connected. She is a person of excellence and integrity I highly recommend her and her team to help you not only find your house, but most importantly close the deal. Her mortgage broker Michael di Vita is also a person of excellence.


Toni is one of the best agents I’ve worked with. As a buying agent, she really cares and understands your needs first and foremost. That’s what sets her apart from all other agents out there. And her wealth of knowledge and experience is invaluable. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.

The Harris Family!

We could not have trusted a better person to help us purchase our home. Thank you for always answering our many calls and questions. You are very patient and professional. We love that you are very knowledgeable about the business. We trusted you with big life decision, not just this time. But three times. Having you and your experienced team by our side. We are sure we made the right decision. We really appreciate all you have done for us. We look forward to working with you again.

Helping with a Trust

My daughter and I recently had occasion to work with Toni Patillo in her capacity as a real estate broker when I was looking to sell property left to me and my family in a trust. I must admit that at first it was overwhelming for me and I was really not looking forward to open houses, with dealing with potential buyers, or not, (afraid that it would be a hard row to tow). Toni was patient and caring in directing me along the way without pressuring me with let’s do this or that. I want you to know that in one open house I had two potential buyers and in no time there was a closing of escrow and it was done. Toni’s expertise and knowledge of the industry made all of this painless. Her connections with investors gave me amazing knowledge of the different modalities and innuendos necessary to set sale prices, obtain loans and other opportunities, etc. I must also praise her assistant Erica Leznik who was amazing at answering all of the my questions and addressing my fears about the sale, the paperwork, the computer programs necessary to E-Sign, etc. and just putting my interim fears to rest. I would recommend Toni and her team with no hesitation to anyone selling property and am assured that on the purchasing end she would be just as amazing. -Ramla Roussel,

Coudn’t Imagine it Being any Easier

Couldn’t imagine it being any easier…… A better choice could not have been made when we decided to have LA CITY SHORT SALES help us. William maintained a high level of professionalism from start to finish. I’m convinced his constant and very thorough follow up, industry knowledge and negotiation skills are the reason we were able to get things approved and the deal sealed without headache. I appreciate his efforts and compassion. Without pause I would recommend him to any of my family & friends. You can’t go wrong dealing with William. Sincerely, Dana

Skill and Follow-Through

William, I got your very kind voice mail and want to thank you for all your diligence with my short-sale. It was due to your skill and follow-through that it got approved. I appreciate your level of tenacity and thoroughness to get it finalized. It is clear that you take your job very seriously and you are a great asset to your company. Sincerely, Suzy

Walked Away with $5K After Short Sale

Pueblo Ln, Topanga – The owners could no longer afford the property due to recession. The short sale was approved and they walked away with $5,000.00 towards their relocation expenses. We were also successful in settling the delinquent HOA dues for less than half of what was owed.

$8K Into Family Trust

Elm Park Ave, Rialto – The homeowner passed away and left his home to the Family. Unfortunately they owed more than what it was worth. We were able to negotiate $8,000.00 to go to the Trust which assisted with attorney & relocation expenses. We also settled back HOA dues for $2,000.00 which was half of what was owed.

Walked Away with Over $11K

Apache Ln, Topanga – The homeowner moved out and relocated for retirement, and could no longer afford the home. We successfully negotiate the short sale and the Seller was able to walk away with just over $11,000.00

$5,400 Toward Relocation Assistance

Lyceum Ave, Los Angeles – This one was wild! We received approval with the current Lender and right in the middle of closing they service released it to another Lender. Keep in mind the approval letter was expiring and we negotiated $5,400.00 which was going towards relocation assistance which the Seller desperately needed. I reached out to the Vice Presidents with both Lenders and was able to get the new Lender to honor the approval letter. It was a win win for everyone.

A Stellar Job with a Very Challenging Short Sale

Toni, I want to formally thank you and your crew for doing a stellar job in assisting with a very challenging client and short sale which as you know was at the end of its life. Not that I have to tell you as you already know, but William on your team did an amazing job and stayed on it to the end and beyond. I appreciate you and your efforts and will gladly give testament to the service you offer. Truly, Zan

Got Us in an Amazing Home in No Time

I called Toni because I was interested in leasing in Santa Monica. She asked if I was interested in buying, and I admitted to her that although my husband and I would love to own a home in that area we didn’t think we could afford it. Toni was so nice and welcoming. In fact, she told us she was confident that she could get us a short sale in our price range. A few months later she did! Even though we were first time buyers and needed to be walked through the bidding and transaction process Toni got us in an amazing home in no time. I would definitely recommend her to anyone in need of a realtor. – Shelley Watson, Santa Monica

Burden Was Lifted

I cannot speak highly enough of Toni Patillo and her team. When my wife and I bought our first home ten years ago, we thought we were securing our piece of the American Dream. And instead it almost cost us everything. When you’re faced with debt and foreclosure every day, it has a way of weighing you down. After our first consultation with Toni that burden was lifted, and for the first time my wife and I felt like there was a way for us to survive this. Toni and her short sale manager and negotiator Jason know what they’re doing, and you can just tell that they actually care about helping people. Since short selling just over 16 months ago, my wife and I have already bought another home. I can’t thank Toni and her team enough for helping us lose this toxic debt and giving us the ability to move on. – Jorge L., Los Angeles

The Best at What They Do

Toni & her team are the best at what they do. If we ever know of anyone located in the LA area needing a short sale, or needing to buy or sell, they’re the first and only that we will refer. Their team genuinely cares about every client. If you’re in a position of needing a real estate agent, don’t hesitate to contact them. – Glen Henderson, Realtor, Keller Williams San Diego

Truly Cares

WOW! Toni is an amazing broker. Highly experienced in closing complex transactions, she is a master short sales and probate. After my father passed and I was named as an executor I was totally overwhelmed, especially when I found out there was no equity left in his home. I am so glad one of my family friends told me about Toni. She truly cares about her clients and takes the time to deal with people personally and to walk them through the process of selling every step of the way. She made me feel like I was her first priority at all times! Her staff was knowledgeable and courteous too. She completed my short sale/ probate transaction in three weeks, even after other people told me it couldn’t be done and I was better off letting the house foreclose. I would highly recommend her and her team to anyone. – Ruth Middleton, Glendale

A Warm Person Eager to Assist

I would like to highly recommend Toni Patillo as a real estate agent. She facilitated the process of my purchase of a duplex in the Los Angeles area. Upon meeting her, I would immediately have described her as a warm person eager to assist me in the home buying process. In fact, she referred me to a lender, whom she worked closely with and trusted. Her referral was most helpful as he was able to approve me rather quickly. Toni was more than knowledgeable about real estate law and gave me advice accordingly . She made herself readily available and returned all of my phone calls expeditiously being of the utmost assistance in my need to clarify any and all of my questions. I commend her for her professionalism during the escrow process and am thankful that she assisted me through what could have been a very hectic process. Most importantly, escrow closed in 45 days. – Hazel Rappino

A Great Experience

Toni Patillo is my real estate agent. She helped me buy my first home. She has been very professional, caring and helpful. It has been a great experience. Today I will get the key to my house. She has helped make it happen. Also I would like to mention that she was the seller’s agent as well, which I understand is exceptional! I highly recommend Toni! – Nicolette Janssen, R.D.H.

Property Sold…Way Over What I Had Expected to Receive

When the property sold, it was way over what I had expected to receive. You also took care of and explained the paperwork and procedures so that I could understand what was going on. Thank you again for your excellent Salesmanship and professionalism. – Anne Smith

With Me Every Step of the Way

Dear Toni: Thank you for being with me every step of the way. Your excellence in service is invaluable. As a first-time homebuyer your calm, consistent professionalism got me through a challenging process. The information you provided indicated that not only did you care about me making the right decision in the current market, but that you cares about my future as well. I am grateful for our relationship. Toni you are to be commended for the hard work that you do. And I wish you continues success and prosperity. – Eunice E. Vines

The Quintessential Professional

From our first conversation to the close of the transaction you are the quintessential professional that I was told of. You worked swiftly to locate what I was looking for, I am still amazed that you found me exact dream place in my price range. – Lisa Avery

Far Above the Standard

Toni, It appears that we won’t be working together after all, and that is disappointing to me. As I told you on the phone a month ago, when the Lee’s offer was originally presented, I was very impressed with your approach to the short sale process and your professionalism. That opinion was reinforced by the manner in which you handled and expedited the acceptance of their offer and the opening of the escrow. I was excited to finally have a listing agent that “got it”, and was willing to follow-up on a sale after escrow was opened and didn’t just move on to their next project. I’m happy to hear that you have a back-up offer and will be able to take advantage of the short sale approval that you do have in hand, you deserve to benefit from the hard work that you have put into the process to date. In any case, I just wanted you to know that your efforts are noticed and appreciated by those of us who aren’t even your clients, as the level at which you operate is far above the standard that we see in our industry. I wish you continued success and look forward to having the opportunity to work with you at some point in the future. – Jeff Scott, Loan Officer, Pacific Funding Mortgage Division

Diligence, Professionalism, Excellence and Care

I just want to take this time to thank you for your diligence, professionalism, excellence and care. As you know you facilitated me in my first home purchase just over a year ago and I’m so very happy. Most recently you listed my uncle’s home through the Probate process and delivered stellar results. I must admit the overwhelming response to your marketing strategy was staggering, not only did we get what we wanted but we got 20,000 over asking and closed the transaction within 15 days. – Vinette Bond & Linford Bond

“Doctor” of Real Estate

To Whom it May Concern: I am writing this letter to articulate my appreciation and gratitude to Ms. Toni Patillo for being my guide in purchasing my first home. I had a “Dr.” of real estate whose bedside manner, intellect, personality, and knowledge of the professional was impressive. Once Toni had a chance to sit down with me individually in order to understand what I wanted as a client, within weeks’ time she showed me a several condos and houses I found very appealing. One unit I liked so much, we made a strong offer (within my budget, yet strong enough to let the buyers know we were serious) that was accepted and within 45 days of meeting Toni I had the keys to a wonderful first home. In all likelihood, Toni’s “Dr. Magic” is not always as swift given the white-water rafting adventure of real estate in Los Angeles. Nonetheless, Ms. Patillo is an excellent river- guide to have. She does not put clients into a cookie-cutter mode of what they should want or get. Instead, Toni assists her clients with feeling comfortable with what is best for them. In fact, Toni eased my fears about spending beyond my means (which one can easily be tempted to do in West L.A.) and that is why I chose her as my agent. She was the first agent out 6 or 7 that I spoke with that made me feel valued even though I wasn’t spending half-a-million dollars on a home (and she even made creative investment and buying suggestions I previously had no idea existed). I recommend Toni to any potential buyer, especially those “first timers” and anyone who wants an extra attentive, reachable, patient, “and not afraid to explain the nuances” broker. – David O’Neil Washington, Ph.D

Worked their Magic

Dear Tom, I just wanted to thank you for referring us to Toni and William. What an amazing team! As you know, we’ve had this property on our backs for seven years. It’s not pleasant to lose so much money, but it could have been infinitely worse if it hadn’t been for William and Toni. They worked their magic with the bank, and now we’re free from any further liability. We’re forever grateful to you for being a crucial link in this daunting process. I can’t tell you what a relief this is. – Mary and John Roberts

Caring and Secure

Hi Toni! We got a call from William today with the great news that our house closed. I do believe that meeting you and your team was providential. Through the entire experience we felt held in such a caring and secure place by you all. And now I sit in a place beyond gratitude and it is amazing. The world needs more people like you. You are the healers. William is such a fantastic human with a huge heart and a loving soul. I love you and really hope we see you very soon. Let it be known that it is people like you and your team that give people hope. I want everyone to know about you and I want to scream it from a mountain top. Peace and Blessings, Edi and Joni

Stress Free & a Blessing


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