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“Doctor” of Real Estate

To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing this letter to articulate my appreciation and gratitude to Ms. Toni Patillo for being my guide in purchasing my first home. I had a “Dr.” of real estate whose bedside manner, intellect, personality, and knowledge of the professional was impressive. Once Toni had a chance to sit down with me individually in order to understand what I wanted as a client, within weeks’ time she showed me a several condos and houses I found very appealing. One unit I liked so much, we made a strong offer (within my budget, yet strong enough to let the buyers know we were serious) that was accepted and within 45 days of meeting Toni I had the keys to a wonderful first home. In all likelihood, Toni’s “Dr. Magic” is not always as swift given the white-water rafting adventure of real estate in Los Angeles. Nonetheless, Ms. Patillo is an excellent river- guide to have. She does not put clients into a cookie-cutter mode of what they should want or get. Instead, Toni assists her clients with feeling comfortable with what is best for them. In fact, Toni eased my fears about spending beyond my means (which one can easily be tempted to do in West L.A.) and that is why I chose her as my agent. She was the first agent out 6 or 7 that I spoke with that made me feel valued even though I wasn’t spending half-a-million dollars on a home (and she even made creative investment and buying suggestions I previously had no idea existed). I recommend Toni to any potential buyer, especially those “first timers” and anyone who wants an extra attentive, reachable, patient, “and not afraid to explain the nuances” broker.

– David O’Neil Washington, Ph.D