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Toni Patillo is a BROKER. Being the Broker of Record for R & LS Investments, Inc., Keller Williams Santa Monica, and Keller Williams Pacific Palisades; Toni overseeing just over 450 Sales Agents which imposes a high level of responsibility, ethics and compliance obligations.

Toni Patillo is an EDUCATOR. As an ongoing student herself, with multiple coaches in business, marketing and sales environments, Toni is fluent in current and emerging market trends. Toni is recognized as the Go To Expert. Proactively reaching out to share her expertise through Real Estate Workshops, Seminars and by hosting Call Toni Real Estate Radio, Toni offers the audience a broad spectrum of expertise in the field of Real Estate and Finance.

WE ARE COMMUNICATORS. We take a consulting approach to your Real Estate needs utilizing a partnership philosophy to ensure all objectives of the homeowner are met. Our goal is an in depth understanding of the situation to ensure development of a cohesive and productive strategy to achieve maximum results. We have proven costumer relationship skills that enable us to work effectively with property owners though stressful and emotional circumstances.


WE ARE PROBLEM SOLVERS, LISTENERS, BUFFERS AND A SOURCE OF CALMNESS AND REASSURANCE. With our years of experience and up to the minute training we are known for breaking down challenges and transforming them into manageable solutions. Buying and selling property is an emotional experience as a financial one. Most of our clients have found that if they talk through their real estate related anxieties with us, their stress during the transaction feels more manageable

WE ARE EXPERT NEGOTIATORS. Our well organized team of expert negotiators know every step required to satisfy all parties involved. LA City Short Sales, a division of Toni Patillo has been one of the leading short sale and complex property negotiating companies for the past 5 years. Inclusive of both Residential and Commercial Real Estate.

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