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World Cup Venue


I am not real big on soccer, but I do enjoy the competitiveness that spawns from nations coming together and playing their hearts out. Similar to how I don’t really care about Curling, but when the Olympics come around I am glued to the TV set. With USA winning Group C, there will be a few grudge matches this weekend. First you will have the United States vs. Ghana on Saturday, and England vs Germany on Sunday. Now you could just watch these matches from home on ESPN, but that’s not really what its all about. You need to put on some red, white, and blue, get a vuvuzela, and head down to your local pub to get the full effect. Like most sporting events it’s all about atmosphere and since it is a little late to fly to South Africa, the pub is the next best thing.

I recommend the Cock and Bull British Pub in Santa Monica. This is a famous pub known for its soccer fans, but most importantly they have plenty of TVs so you won’t miss a second. Here is a link to their website check it out. If you have a favorite place to watch the games leave a comment. Oh and go USA!!