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Wondering What The Venice Short Sale Process Entails?

P>Have you ever thought about a Venice short sale to get you out from underneath your upside down mortgage? Do you know what a Venice short sale is or have you been looking around for more information? Well, if you need more information regarding everything that a Venice short sale entails, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’re going to go over the ins and outs of completing a Venice short sale on your home.

First and foremost, the most important step of any short sale is finding an experienced Venice short sale expert to help you; a traditional real estate agent won’t do, so ensure that your agent has a decent amount of experience when it comes to selling your home on the Venice short sale market. Once you find a reputable Venice short sale agent, they’ll want to discuss your situation with you and help you determine what your hardship is. Your hardship is essentially the reason that you need to complete a short sale. If you’re underwater on your mortgage, that is your hardship. After your hardship is determined your Venice short sale agent will give you a list of documents you’ll need to compile in order to create the short sale package that you’ll submit to your lender to get approval for your Venice short sale. You’ll also be required to write a hardship letter that explains, in detail, your situation and why you need to complete a Venice short sale.

Once your Venice short sale has been approved and your short sale package submitted the Venice short sale expert takes over from there; the only thing the homeowner needs to worry about is making the home available for showings and being ready to close on the home. When an offer is received on the home your Venice short sale agent will work with your lender to negotiate the terms of the sale; when this is done you can move towards closing on your home. Typically a Venice short sale can take anywhere from two to six months, but the average is on the lesser side.

To find out more information about completing a Venice short sale on your home, if you qualify, and to see how long you can expert your transaction to take, reach out for help and information from a veteran Venice short sale expert today.