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Venice short sales

Hi, I’m Toni Patillo with Toni Patillo and Associates, your leading Venice short sale agents. Today we would like to talk about Venice short sales. The market is changing. If you realize it is becoming more and more difficult to continue to make your mortgage payments, it may be time to look at your other options. In order to complete a Venice short sale on your home, the homes market value has to have dropped recently. The home has to be worth less than what is owed to the lender. Typically when the homeowner gets to this point, it is due to a tough financial situation. To begin the Venice short sale process, the homeowner will need to submit a hardship letter. The hardship letter will explain the reasons why they can no longer make payments and the difference between the market value and what is owed on the home.

Once you decide to pursue a Venice short sale on your home, we will be here to walk you through the entire short sale process. There are several hoops we have to jump through in the Venice short sale process and we have the experience to get it done.

Again, I’m Toni Patillo, your leading Venice short sale agent and I’m here to answer any questions you may have about the short sale process. I know this is a difficult time for you, and we have the experience to make this as painless as we can. If we follow all the lenders requirements, we should be able to get you approved for your Venice short sale in no time. Then you can get back on your feet financially and start over with a new beginning. We can also help you get back into your own home in about two to three years after the Venice short sale is complete and closed. Thanks a lot and we look forward to speaking with you soon.