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Venice Real Estate On Fire Thanks To Dedicated Agents

In the current Venice Real Estate market there are plenty of options for homeowners to consider. If your current home is worth less than what you owe Toni Patillo and Associates want to help you. The Venice Real Estate market is full of homes that are prime candidates for a short sale and that could include you. Whether you are current on your payments or have already default Toni can help you sell your home and move on to home of your dreams.

Toni Patillo and Associates have been closing short sales for several years and want to help educate you on the process. Currently many of the large national lenders have decided to accept short sales for homeowners who are still current on their payments. Lenders have realized that the short sale process is good for both the borrower and the lender in the long run. This great news means that you may be able to sell your distressed property with limit to no credit damage. With the current low mortgage rates and the rock steady home prices in the Venice Real Estate market a short sale could be huge. We are currently closing short sales on a daily basis for homeowners just like you who are tried of paying their mortgage. If you happen to already be behind on your payments time may not be on your side. On average a short sale will take three to four months and the closer to foreclosure the harder it can be to approve a sale. Another great perk of a short sale is the potential to receive relocation assistance for selling your home. Homeowners are currently receiving great incentives from their lender and the FHA for completing short sales.

So if you are ready to sell your distressed property please make sure to contact Toni Patillo and Associates. Toni and her team are a part of the community and here to help their neighbors make the best real estate decision possible. Now is the time to buy or sell in the Venice Real Estate market. Don’t miss out.