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Use Santa Monica Realtor Toni Patillo’s Break Even Calculator

Are you looking for a tool that can help you determine if you are underwater on your home and, if so, how long it will be until you break even? Santa Monica realtor Toni Patillo has just the tool for you on her website It’s called the 123 Break Even Calculator and has helped homeowners throughout the area find out more about their financial situation explains Santa Monica realtor Toni Patillo.

To use the calculator all you need is some basic information about your home such as your mortgage interest rate, remaining principal amount and monthly mortgage payment. The first step is to enter in your property address; this is used to determine your approximate property value. Once you’ve entered in your property address and the previously mentioned information, Santa Monica realtor Toni Patillo explains that you’ll receive a report via email outlining your specific situation. This report will provide you with your property value and an approximate chart of how much time and money it will take until your home is an asset again. Once you receive this report you can determine if it makes sense for you to stay in your home and wait until your property value improves or if a short sale is the better option for you. A copy of this report will also be sent to the Santa Monica realtor team at Toni Patillo & Associates so when you’re ready to discuss your situation or ask for advice, they are already informed and able to help you immediately. No other Santa Monica realtor has a tool like this to offer homeowners so please utilize this tool today.

If a short sale is the best option for you the experienced Santa Monica realtors at Toni Patillo & Associates are here to get the job done. This successful team of Santa Monica realtors can help you complete a short sale and put you on the path to financial freedom and stability.