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Santa Monica Short Sales Start With Finding The Right Agent

As Santa Monica Short Sales continue to rise in popularity it is important to know you have the best agent. Every day homeowners are avoiding foreclosure thanks to Santa Monica Short Sales and this is due to experienced agents ready to help. Make sure your agent has experience and proven success selling homes before starting your short sale file.

Any licensed realtor can handle Santa Monica Short Sales but it is important to have one with experience in order to best handle your situation. Selling your distressed property is an important decision and for this reason your agent must have a proven track record of success. Most agents will be willing to share their approval rating to show you how frequently they are getting deals closed. It is also important to ask if your agent works alone or has a dedicated staff on hand. Santa Monica Short Sales require an agent to constantly contact lenders and servicers to make sure a file is being processed quickly and not stuck in a pile. Between putting together your short sale file, negotiating with your bank, and marketing your home there is a lot that goes in to Santa Monica Short Sales. If your agent has a team of specialists this can make your short sale a much easier process. It can even help you get a faster approval from your lender. It is also important to ask how many Santa Monica Short Sales your agent handles on a weekly basis. If your agent is handling numerous files each week a dedciated team will be essential to keeping up.

In the end you need to feel that your agent has the proven success and staff to get your home sold quickly and with the best terms for you. Don’t just settle on the first agent you meet but find someone who fits your Santa Monica Short Sales.