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Santa Monica Short Sales Approved Daily Thanks To Wells Fargo

If you are considering a short sale on your Wells Fargo mortgage now may be the best time. Every day Santa Monica Short Sales are getting approved thanks to the great team at Wells Fargo who is always willing to help. Homeowners are avoiding foreclosure every day thanks to Wells Fargo and you can to by contacting a short sale agent in Santa Monica in the near future.

One of the reasons Wells Fargo is great to work with on Santa Monica Short Sales is their online platform called Equator. This secure online program allows your agent to upload all short sale documents instead of spending time faxing everything. Equator is able to keep your agent up to date on the progress of your file while also maintaining a line of communication to Wells FargoSanta Monica Short Sales with Wells Fargo are generally approved quicker thanks to the use of Equator by Wells Fargo. Another great benefit of Santa Monica Short Sales with Wells Fargo is the possibility of receiving short sale incentives at closing. Whether through a government plan like HAFA or HARP or Wells Fargo these incentives can help distressed property owners after their short sale is approved. Homeowners who have a mortgage that is owned and serviced by Wells Fargo have qualified for as much as fifty thousand dollars in the past in order to complete Santa Monica Short SalesWells Fargo customers who have a mortgage owned by the FHA, Fannie Mae, or Freddie Mac may qualify for other great progams life HAFA. Santa Monica Short Sales that are approved with HAFA will award the homeowner up to three thousand dollars in relocation assistance while also waiving any deficiency rights the lender has.

So if your Wells Fargo mortgage is upside down contact an agent today to discuss your options.Santa Monica Short Sales have already helped hundreds of homeowers and you could be next.