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Santa Monica Short Sale Agent Provides Break Even Calculator To Make Decision Easy

For homeowners who are considering a short sale it can be hard to know where to start. Thanks to a great free tool from your Santa Monica Short Sale Agents at Toni Patillo and Associates that is no longer a worry. The Brean Even Calculator is available for free online and only takes a few minutes of your time. Make sure to contact your Santa Monica Short Sale Agent today to learn more about this great tool and how it can help you make your real estate decision easier.

Simply enter in some basic information about your mortgage, including balance and interest rate, to get started. Once this has been done you will recieve a detailed report via e-mail about your currnent home value and future value in different recoery scenarios. This is valuable information because it will help a homeowner determine just how far underwater their proeprty is. For some homeowners it might make sense to wait out the market and hope for a return of equity in the next few years. However, for many homeowners in Southern California who find their home to be more than fifty percent underwater a short sale will be your best solution. In all this free tool only takes minutes to use and will provide you with valuable information to hold on to for years. Upon receiving your detailed report it may be best to go over with your Santa Monica Short Sale Agent. That way if any questions arise, or if a short sale is necessary, you can get fast answers and assurance on the spot. This great tool from Toni Patillo and Associates is available online to any and all homeowners in Southern California.

As a long time Santa Monica Short Sale Agent Toni and her team have been helping homeowners make informed real esate decisions for years. Please take a few minutes and learn more about your current home in order to make the best decision available to you.