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Santa Monica Short Sale Agent Can Help Sell Distressed Property While Current On Payments

Are you tired of making your monthly mortgage payments and never seeing any equity in return? Have you been considering selling your underwater home but not sure where to start? Thankfully lenders are now allowing homeowners who are current on their mortgage to complete a short sale. Contact your trusted Santa Monica Short Sale Agent today to learn about getting out from under your mortgage debt as soon as possible.

As more and more homeowners complete short sales lenders across Southern California have learned that they are best for both parties. Your bank is in the business of making money and not interested in owning distressed properties. When you allow your home to enter foreclosure the bank becomes responsible for the monthly bills as well as the upkeep. Allowing a short sale while a homeowner is current allows they a fresh start while also removing the chance of a foreclosure in the future. It can also allow the homeowner to start looking for their next home and ultiamtely taking out another mortgage. Given the adjusted home prices in Southern California currently, along with generous interest rates, homeowners can get out from under their distressed property while finding the home of their dreams. Your Sane Monica Short Sale Agent can have a short sale completed in as little as four to six weeks. This means no more frustrating mortgage payments every month with nothing in return. Most homeowners view their property as an asset but with no equity to show after years of payments this is simply not true. Many properites are severally underwater and will likely never return the price they were purchased for.

Contact your trusted Santa Monica Short Sale Agent today to learn about your options for selling your home with little to no damage to your credit. This is a great opportunity that may not be available for long so make sure to consider your options with an experienced Santa Monica Short Sale Agent.