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Questions To Ask Your Venice Realtor When Looking For Probate Help

Are you looking for a Venice realtor to help you with your probate sale? The team at Toni Patillo & Associates want you to know that probate sales can be difficult but that isn’t cause for alarm. If you work with a Venice realtor that has plenty of experience with probate sales, the process should pretty much be stress-free. Today we’d like to outline some of the questions you should ask a Venice realtor to find out if they have the probate experience you want and need to complete you probate sale. If you have additional questions about the matter we’d like to encourage you to contact the probate-experienced Venice realtors at Toni Patillo & Associates.

The most important question you can ask a Venice realtor about their probate experience is a rather obvious one: “Have you sold real estate through a probate or trust sale before?” While many homeowners may just accept yes for an answer, Venice realtor Toni Patillo encourages you to probe further into just many probate sales they have completed and what those transactions entailed. You should also inquire into how long they have been practicing probate sales. Is it something new to them or have them been around for years? You want a Venice realtor that has been around for a while simply because the probate sale process does get complicated. You don’t want someone wet behind the ears handling your transaction, do you? Another good thing to ask is what sets them apart from other Venice realtors. Is their marketing technique more advanced? Do they have more networking contacts? What are they going to do for you that other Venice realtors won’t, or can’t.

Again, completing a probate sale can complicated but when you work with a Venice realtor that knows what they’re doing, you can be assured that the process will go as seamlessly as possible. If you have additional questions or concerns or are looking for a Venice realtor that has years of probate experience please contact Toni Patillo & Associates today.