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Looking For A Place That Fits Your Lifestyle? Check Out The Santa Monica Real Estate Market

Are you looking for a new place to rent or own but want a community that caters more to a younger, more urban lifestyle? The Santa Monica real estate market has everything that you’re looking for then. While the area is great for people of all types, Santa Monica real estate agents say that lately the trend on the Santa Monica real estate market has been young, single people moving into the area. This is no surprise because of all the great things to do in the area such as visit the pier, the night life as well as the local college. It’s safe to say that those college graduates are sticking around the area and investing their money into Santa Monica real estate.

If all of this sounds appealing to you, consider these all statistics to make the move to Santa Monica real estate more enticing. Over half of the population in the area is between the ages of 20 and 40; 85% of all people do not have children and 40% are single. With regards to the Santa Monica real estate market, 42% of all properties are condos and 35% are single family homes, so no matter what type of house you’re looking for, the Santa Monica real estate market has it. Over 70% of all households rent instead of own, so whatever you decide is best for you will also work here in Santa Monica.

If you’d like to find out more information on what the Santa Monica real estate market has to offer you and your lifestyle get in touch with a Santa Monica real estate agent today. They can tell you about all of the great things to see and do in the area as well as find you the perfect home to rent or own.