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Jim Goyjer With Carl Terzian Associates On Call Toni Real Estate Radio

Today on the Call Toni Real Estate Radio show we have Jim Goyjer, a public relations, marketing, communications and business development professional and consultant, as well as vice president of media and crisis communications management at Carl Terzian Associates, one of the most respected independent public relations agencies in Los Agencies. He has experience in business development, corporate management, television, radio, journalism, PR and the non-profit world.

Public relations isn’t just about getting your name in the papers and in the media, that’s not really what it is. It is actually a broad range of marketing tools to promote a product or service, anything to create awareness for the client. What we’re really known for at Carl Terzian Associates is business networking; we have been known for that since day one. He got into this because he loves putting people together. If a customer comes to us and wants to reach a certain audience that they would like to help, we assist them by gathering all of the information we need and hand select people from our massive database that might be interested in what our client has to offer. Depending on the client’s budget we can do a networking event, bring 25-30 people together and our client will get to reach out to several different people all at once.

Critical ingredients for successful networking is follow up; you get the most amazing success stories when you attend networking events. What is honestly needed right now is a program surrounding the issues that veterans face on a day to day basis.

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