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How to Spot a Leaky Pipe in Santa Monica Short Sales

One of the main problems that many buyers of Santa Monica short sales face is the repairs that come with the property. While some of the damage may have existed before the home was uninhabited, much of the damage of Santa Monica short sales comes from having the home live without owners for long periods of time. Broken and leaking pipes are one of the most common repairs that come with a vacated home, and that is why it is important for buyers to be aware of how to spot leaky or broken pipes.

First, it is important to understand why Santa Monica short sales suffer from broken pipes. The main problem comes because water has a tendency to expand when frozen. Most homes have people that control the temperature and can prevent this kind of damage, but when a home is vacated it can suffer from whatever temperature exists. Big changes in temperature cause pipes to expand and contract. Over time, this can wear down the pipes and cause the pipes to leak or break.

When pipes leak or break in Santa Monica short sales it can cause water to leak freely. Depending on the nature of the breakage, water damage can be minor or extensive. Even minor water damage can cause mold to form in the walls and floor of a house. This mold can be dangerous or even life threatening to anyone living in the home.

One way that you can spot mold is to go down into the utility rooms of Santa Monica short sales. Look at the pipes to see if there is any leakage. As you look through the rooms of the house, feel the walls. Water damage will cause walls to expand and bubble. As a general rule, if you smell a musty smell, you should call an inspector qualified to search for mold. Taking water damage seriously can help you prevent extensive repairs and headache for anyone who is thinking of purchasing Santa Monica short sales.