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Find the Best, Fire the Rest: A Path To Your Perfect Coach

Perhaps you’ve noticed the incredible amount of business and life coaches available these days. They sell their services online, through social media, at seminars etc. ad al ad nauseam. After all, I am a business and life coach. It’s why I take this particular topic so seriously. So today let’s talk about how to find the right coach for you.

Don’t get me wrong; a lot of the coaches out there do great work. The challenge is that it’s not just about finding a qualified coach, it’s also crucial to find one that vibes with you on a personal level. This can be tricky business. In some cases you may need to spend a little money until you’re sure you’re working with the right person. But, as the saying goes, “you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.”


Asking the right questions can dramatically reduce your chances of ending up with the wrong coach.   A version of his first one is used in corporate job interviews across the globe.

  1. What would your clients say about you to me? – There are two great things about this question. First, it gives you an opportunity to get a sense of the potential mentor’s perception of the relationship he or she has with clients. This can be very telling. Second, it allows you to ask for references.
  2. What do your most successful clients do? – This helps you to gauge the level his clients have reached while at the same time gives you insight into the different businesses in which he or she has coached. Don’t be concerned if you don’t hear about someone in your profession. A coach does not need to be UBER familiar with your business to be a great coach for you.
  3. Can you walk me through your coaching process? – This one is so important. Get your potential coach to explain where his or her methodology comes from and how it evolves to get results for clients. Have him or her write it out for you and let it spark conversation about how it could apply to your goals.


It’s so important that when you work with a coach you are spending your time and money wisely. Yes, it’s an investment you should make, but you need to be firm in your resolve to get results. Don’t play around here. It’s too easy to get pulled off track. You and your coach should be laser-focused on the quickest way to achieving your goals. Here are a few more warning signs that you might be out of alignment with your potential coach.

  • Pay Attention To the Language – If someone is promising too much in their marketing, back away slowly.   If it looks to good to be true, it is. Don’t fall for the enticing “You’ll lose 30lbs in the first week,” or “With this system you’ll be earning six figures by month 2.” Let’s be realistic and a little more discerning. You can make big numbers for sure, but it never comes easily or without a lot of work.
  • Does This Coach Walk the Walk – When a coach says they can teach you to make a million a year, they better be making it themselves. I mean, they should be killing it! How do you know? Do the math. Find out how many clients they work with at any given time. If they don’t easily have that information on the tip of their tongue, red flag. Use your intuition; you’ll be able to tell.  To put it another way, if you catch your health coach drinking a soda, run!
  • Look Out For Gimmicks – We’ve all seen the countdown clock on the website. I get it. It’s meant to push us out of our own way so we buy, but it’s manipulative.   Also, beware of free giveaways that lead you to a 4 to 5 figure investment. It’s fine to give away information, but a coach must understand your current situation. Ideally, you’re given time to figure out if this coach and program are right for you. Especially at that level of investment.

Of course, the bottom line is you should go with your gut. As I said earlier, you need to vibe with your coach. You want to feel as if everything your coach says is laying out the road map directly to your goals. This decision can’t be made on faith.   You must understand and resonate with the strategy that is laid out before you sign the check.

Find the right coach and you will never want them to leave you no matter how successful you become.

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