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Federal Programs May Provide Incentives For Short Sale

Hello everyone Toni Patillo with Keller Williams Realty Santa Monica and Toni Patillo and Associates. We are your trusted Santa Monica short sale agent with over six years of experience and a staff that is hungry to help. Every day we are working with distressed property owners to empower them with the knowledge to avoid foreclosure and get out from under their mortgage debt.

Given the actions of Congress over the last year now may be the best time to sell your distressed property and move on with your life. Currently there are a number of different incentive programs through the FHA, VA, and Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac to provide assistance via a short sale. In my time as a Santa Monica short sale agent I have never seen so many great opportunities for homeowners in need to get a little help. Some of these programs provide relocation assistance of up to three thousand dollars in order to help with moving costs after your short sale. There are also programs in place to protect you from any tax implications resulting from a short sale. When selecting your Santa Monica short sale agent make sure they have experience with these programs and understand whether you qualify. While getting your distressed property sold is already a huge relief these additional benefits will only serve to get you on your feet even sooner. As your Santa Monica short sale agent we want to help you as much as possible and these are some great options for doing just that.

Bear in mind these programs will not last forever and contacting a Santa Monica short sale agent sooner than later is in your best interest. Now may be the best time to consider your options and get out from under your distressed property. Having helped so many homeowners in the past I look forward to speaking with you and want to be your Santa Monica short sale agent.