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Erykah Badu: Window Seat

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Off the up coming New Amerykah Part Two (Return of the Ankh)album, Erykah Badu comes back with some controversy. On March 13, 2010,Erykah Badu shed her clothes as she walked along a Dallas, Texas, sidewalk until she was nude at the site where President Kennedy was assassinated. Suddenly, a shot rang out as the song ended; Badu’s head jerked back and she fell to the ground. The result was a controversial video for her song “Window Seat”, which Badu wrote on her Twitter feed “was shot guerrilla style, no crew, 1 take, no closed set, no warning, 2 min., Downtown Dallas, then ran like hell.” Children with their families could be seen nearby as Badu stripped without any permission in Dealey Plaza, a popular tourist spot since Kennedy’s 1963 assassination. Controversy or not she is still one of the best vocalist ever. Don’t believe me just watch this live performance on the Jimmy Fallon show.