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Break Even Calculator Helps Homeowners Determine If Venice Short Sale Makes Sense

Need to sell your distressed property but not sure where to start? Heard good things from others that have completed Venice Short Sales? At Toni Patillo and Associates our free Break Even Calculator is a great way to learn whether a short sale is your best option and it only takes minutes to use.

When your mortgage is underwater it can be a difficult decision to sell your current home. Homeowners naturally have an emotional attachment to their property but our Break Even Calculator helps make it a business decision. This great tool is free to use and only requires some basic information about your home to determine if Venice Short Sales make sense for you. Enter in your current mortgage balance, rate of interest, along with your address and our good friends at Zillow will determine your current home value. This is important information in order to understand how far underwater your current property is. As home prices rebound some homeowners may be able to ride out the market and see a return in equity within the next year or two.  However, for many homeowners that find themselves more than fifty percent underwater Venice Short Sales will likely be the best option to consider. The Break Even Calculator will also e-mail you a full report that includes your current home price along with values in different home recovery scenarios. Even if it makes sense to stay in your current property it is always good to understand your real estate options for the future. It may also be valuable to discuss the results of your report with an expert at Toni Patillo and Associates.

Whether you are current on your mortgage or have a missed a payment or two Venice Short Sales are a great option for getting out from under your distressed property. This great tool, available for free on our website, can help you plan for your future real estate goals.