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Break Even Calculator First Step In Determining Short Sale Needs

Often times when making the decision to short sale it can be hard to know where to start. At Toni Patillo and Associates we have a great free product called the Break Even Calculator that can solve this problem. As a trusted Santa Monica short sale agent I have provided this tool free of charge to help you the distressed property owner make this tough decision.

Simply visit my website or go to and fill out the necessary information to get started. This free tool will ask for basic information such as your address, mortgage balance, and rate of interest to get started. Once you have entered this information our good friends at Zillow will produce a current market value for your home. As a long time Santa Monica short sale agent I can tell you this amount may not be one hundred percent accurate but it is nevertheless a good basis to start with. Once this amount is determined you will instantly receive a report letting you know if you have equity in your home. While many homes in this area are distressed or challenged I have seen numerous as a Santa Monica short sale agent that have held on to their equity. This report will also show you how much money it will cost you to break even on your home. In sharing this tool as a Santa Monica short sale agent it gives a homeowner a very valuable long term picture of their properties future value. By having this information in front of you it will help you determine if a Santa Monica short sale agent is needed to sell your home.

Some homeowners are happy to discover they have equity and some are astonished to find out how underwater they are and either way it is a big help. This is just one of the many ways Toni Patillo and Associates display their committment to helping homeowners in need of a Santa Monica short sale agent. If you have short sale questions or have used the Break Even Calculator call today to chat with me.