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Asking For Help May Be The Hardest Part Of Your Short Sale

Hello everyone Toni Patillo here with Toni Patillo and Associates and the Keller Williams Realty Team. We are your leading Santa Monica short sale agent and are here to help homeowners get out from underneath their mortgage debt. Over the years numerous homeowners have turned to us as their trusted Santa Monica short sale agent and we want to answer any of your difficult real estate questions.

In talking to so many distressed property owners over the years I have learned that one of the biggest hurdles in completing a short sale is asking for help. Whether you have lost your job, are going through divorce, or a significant other has passed away your distressed property may be embarassing or the last of your worries. As your Santa Monica short sale agent we are here to help people first and for most get back on their feet. While your distressed property may seem like a lost cause and foreclosure unavoidable reaching out for help is the first step in finding the right opportunity. This first step can often be the hardest and our experienced Santa Monica short sale agent team are ready to help with open arms and the facts about your situation. Over the past six years we have built a team of agents that is specialized in every area of the short sale process to have the answers ready for your tough questions. As short sales become more common in Santa Monica a valid hardship may be all you need to get your distressed property sold and your mortgage debt forgiven. With that in mind, finding your trusted Santa Monica short sale agent is only a phone call away.

Times can be tough and foreclosure can be scary, but taking that first step may be all you need to short sale your home and be released from that burden. If you are considering a short sale or are nearing foreclosure please give the premiere Santa Monica short sale agent a chance to help improve your life. I want to thank you for your time today and I look forward to hearing from you soon.