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8 Reasons All Business Owners Should Hire A Coach

Coaching Today I’m speaking to the business owners out there…all business owners. You could be a Financial Planner or Real Estate Agent. You might be an Attorney or Owner of an Eldercare Services business. Regardless of what business you’re in, you all need a coach. I get it, you’re an entrepreneur and like to do your own thing. You’re probably a business owner for two reasons, the unlimited income potential and the fact that you only have to be accountable to yourself. The idea of paying someone that will hold you accountable sounds like a terrible idea. Of course, a Coach is much more than that.

I’ve personally benefitted from having a coach since 1994 and I’m here to tell you a good coach will make all the difference in your business. Here are 8 reasons all business owners should hire a coach.


    The unfortunate truth is that sometimes we don’t see ourselves too clearly. I certainly miss some of my weaknesses and it’s great to have someone that will point them out to me. In a professional manner of course. It’s the same with our strengths. Sometimes we think we need to be focusing on where we actually the weakest and really we should be putting our energy in our business toward what comes natural. Why not hire someone for all the things you don’t really excel at?
    The greatest thing that happens is when my coach gets me unstuck. It can happen at any time for any reason. You just lack the proper motivation or perspective. Let’s face it, as business owners we get in our own way. Have you ever sat at the computer, for what feels like an eternity, trying to figure out a piece of technology for your business? You get frustrated, impatient and ignore all the other work you could be getting done. A coach might come in and slap you upside the head. He or she will point out what you’re worth per hour and then remind you that you can pay someone a lot less who will get it done in a tenth of the time. Why? Because they know the technology. Anyway, you get my point.
    OK here’s the catch 22 with this one. You better be sure you want to reach a particular goal, because once you mention it to a good coach, you won’t have any choice. You will be encouraged and pushed, but you will get there. Why, because your coach will make sure your goal is attainable. Not sure how? No problem, they will also give you the roadmap.
    I love my own thoughts and ideas about how to run my business. Personally, I think I’m a genius. I also, tend to keep myself in the comfortable little box of what I know. Sound familiar? It should, we all do it. This is where a coach can come in really handy. They can’t help themselves. A different type of entrepreneur will have different ideas. Plus, part of their job is to push you in new directions that either you wouldn’t have thought of, or were afraid to try.
    As you start reaching the smaller goals that you’ve set with your coach, you will gain the confidence you’ll need to accomplish the big ones. This is powerful. It’s like the old adage of the snowball at the top of the hill; once it starts rolling it gains steam and becomes a snow-boulder. The coach is there to help you start the snowball and manage the growth as you pickup steam and begin to expand.
    Much of the time the great ideas will come from you. After all, who knows your business better than you do? What you might be missing is a highly skilled sounding board to bounce ideas off of and to make suggestions. We call this brainstorming. This can be the most fun you have with your coach. You may start with a seed of an idea, but by the time it bounces back and forth between you and your coach it could be a massive Oak tree.
    It’s so easy to put your client’s needs ahead of your own especially when you are a solopreneur or freelancer. A business coach will help you prioritize your business in a way that will enable it to be successful, without sacrificing the other parts of your life. I promise that you will find this to be most valuable. A great coach will work very closely with your calendar from every hour, to day, week, month and even year.
    I saved this one for last because it’s our favorite, right? OK, as I said from the beginning, we are not creatures looking to be accountable to anyone. That is until you see how affective it can be. I’m not kidding. In the beginning I was resistant to having to answer to someone, but a funny thing happened when I did. I began to reach those goals I set. I became highly effective and successful. Now, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This is not something I say lightly or without experience to back it up. Hire a coach! Find someone you truly click with that will get you to where you want to be. Work with your new coach as a team. You’ll see big results.

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