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Patricia Neyra

Patricia Neyra
Marketing and Social Media Director

A graduate of BA Social Sciences from the University of the Philippines, Pat was able to go full circle with the areas and disciplines of society, culture, and communications for having been engaged in teaching, marketing, and customer service.

She discovered her knack for marketing while she was working for the largest chain of malls in the country. In such an intense and incredibly fast-paced industry, she particularly excelled in designing, developing, and implementing strategies and initiatives that increased customer traffic and sales based on comprehensive research and understanding of the customer base.

Having been an international flight attendant further honed her interpersonal and communication skills, as well as being a sharp problem-solver all the time, as she was responsible for providing passengers with world-class personalized service while carrying out security and safety duties.

Armed with the values, knowledge, and skills that she has gained throughout the 8 years of being in the workforce, Pat now plays a vital role with Toni Patillo and Associates by overseeing, managing, and creating marketing strategies and systems. Through developing and executing innovative strategies, she is aimed at driving audience growth and conversion. Additionally, her expertise in social media engagement is directed towards a high-level client experience to enhance business revenue and achieve business goals.