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Strategies To Successfully Encourage Your Past and Present Clients To Send you Referral Business

ToniPatillo Guestpert : Toni Patillo
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Ms. Patillo is the Principal and Broker for Toni Patillo & Assoc.’s, a Residential & Commercial Real Estate Company whose expertise is in the liquidation of properties for people who are selling due to particular circumstances. Leading her own sales team, in standard sales and purchases, Toni Patillo & Associates has a specific niche in Senior Transition sales, Probate, Trust sales, Bankruptcy, Divorce, Short Sales, and Pre-Foreclosure liquidations.

When it comes to creating strategies, I start with setting an example by the type of service that I provide. I make sure that the service is “Top Shelf”, “First Class”, “Delivering a Wealth of Value” This is the first and foremost important thing to do. The service should be so impeccable that the clients will naturally want to refer you as they become your “Raving Fans”.

Typically what I do, is to remind my clients that my business is referral based. I do very little advertising, I appreciate them and am grateful for them thinking of me anytime the subject of real estate comes up. (You must not be afraid to ask for the business)

I always make sure to send them something of value on a regular basis. American Lifestyle Magazine is great gift that they receive every 60 days, a table top magazine, they can leave in a place where it can be seen. Because of its arrival every 60 days, it is a constant reminder that I am there. The magazine is not about real estate, it’s a Lifestyle magazine loaded with fun things, food recipes, vacations, travel trends, philanthropic happenings and more. The magazine is a great tool that reminds them of you. One of the other things that I use is a service called outbound engine, which is a social media and email tool, that is sometimes preceded with a letter that basically says “you might not have seen my last e-mail, but do you know of anyone looking to buy, sell or invest in real estate…” a tickler to send you a referral. Within those emails and social media posts it’s giving them information of value. They never feel annoyed because it’s always interesting fun and informative.

Another strategy for getting referrals is, when you have a client that you are closing escrow on, you offer to host a house warming party, where you invite their family, friends and new neighbors to welcome them to the community and their new home. As you are the host of the party, make sure you have lots of things to promote your business and referrals. When appropriate invite previous clients that can boast about their past experience with you.

While in escrow, when you get close to closing, and everybody is excited, you remind them that you work by referral, this is how you make your living and you would be most grateful for their referrals for anyone they can think of that might be interested in buying, selling or investing in real estate.

Bottomline is you stay very close. Create a systematic touch system so that you don’t miss a beat with keeping in touch. Handwritten notes, an email, a magazine periodically, a phone call, holiday cards, anniversary notes, birthdays, I promise you will never be without business.