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Creative Real Estate Marketing Tactics

Guestpert : Toni Patillo
Category : Real Estate

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Ms. Patillo is the Principal and Broker for Toni Patillo & Assoc.’s, a Residential & Commercial Real Estate Company whose expertise is in the liquidation of properties for people who are selling due to particular circumstances. Leading her own sales team, in standard sales and purchases, Toni Patillo & Associates has a specific niche in Senior Transition sales, Probate, Trust sales, Bankruptcy, Divorce, Short Sales, and Pre-Foreclosure liquidations.

Today, marketing tactics are especially tough for the 50 plus Real Estate Agent. The key is understanding and acknowledging that we are in a high-tech ninja environment and it is imperative as a Real Estate Professional to stay on top of the marketing and advertising tactics necessary to engage the consumer.

You literally have less than 30 seconds to capture your client’s attention and then work to keep them with you. Most of these tactics are driven by technology. Perhaps you will need to hire someone to leverage you in this space and if that’s not in the budget then you’d better get into some classes. The most inevitable tasks today are to get the attention of your audience, keep the audience engaged, entertained, stimulated, educated, hold their attention and leave them wanting more.

The competition is at an all time high with the increasing tech boom. You will need online and offline expert skills to set yourself apart from your peers. Here are just a few of the more Creative Real Estate Marketing Tactics that are being used. Keep in mind that at any moment these are subject to change. Social Media – this is a mandatory and necessary engagement process. Practically everyone is online and utilizing at least one form of social media. You must establish accounts with all social media networks, (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat) be sure to setup social sharing on your website, property pages and blogs. Video – the use of video to connect with the audience is probably the most effective tool today.

Candid video is especially interesting to the viewer, the more natural, authentic, genuine and heart-felt the more engaged they will be. Video Blogging has become much popular and more effective than written articles. You want to make sure your viewer feels you. Make sure you are in a peak state; your energy is high, and you show excitement.

Irresistible Content – is just as critical as being wired with social media. Whether you write it yourself or have an expert content writer, it will be imperative to make sure you are providing rich, viable and current content, filled with passion, emotion and engaging information.

Accessibility – this is key for the consumer to always be able to connect with you, so you’ll want to make sure your contact information is in multiple locations on your website, all your social media sites and are wired to all your mobile and land devices. Immediate follow-up is critical in today’s environment, therefore all devices need to be able to alert you immediately the moment a call or digital inquiry comes in. You’ve heard the phrase “The Money Is in The Follow-Up”, In my opinion this is the key to business sustainability. While this may not be a “Marketing Tactic”, it is important that you have the appropriate technology for you to be able to manage follow-up efficiently.

The list of marketing ideas is endless, however here are a few more that I find unique:

  • Local Sponsorship – become a sponsor to local festivals, sports teams, school events, art shows and meetups.
  • Animated Video – outsource an animation company to create a short, cute, high quality commercial about your brand and niche.
  • Pinterest Boards – are a great way to provide images and information about your listings and services
  • Become a Columnist in Local Magazines – Showcase your knowledge and present subjects that add value to the reader. Make sure your content is rich to keep them coming back.
  • Create a Webinar specifically about the market, best practices to prepare to buy or sell your home, your expertise and next steps.
  • Start using video testimonials from your current and past clients
  • Use a social media scheduler like Buffer or Hootsuite to automate postings.
  • Use storytelling and imagery to increase engagement
  • Establish partnerships with local area businesses.