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Mediation vs. Traditional Divorce

Divorce is never fun. There comes a time in every divorce where all parties involved feel like they’re losing; losing control, losing sleep, losing money and most importantly, losing a piece of their lives. Divorce does not have to drive you into depression, bankruptcy, or the loony bin. Mediation can help.

Many people who have chosen mediation over traditional divorce have not only expedited the process, but some have also come out of it feeling increased positivity about the situation.

Couples who have chosen mediation as a first option, save money, time, and hurt. With mediation, each party may have their own lawyer, but look to a mediator to offer up advice and solutions from a third-party perspective. People, especially in this day and age, get so caught up in their lives, that they rarely look upon their situation from any other perspective. Mediation looks upon the situation more like a business agreement, rather than a complex and stressful divorce.

The mediator’s job is to hear both sides of the story, and analyze what is the best option for each side. Because the mediator is neutral, often times they are able to decrease the animosity between parties. Divorce is a delicate situation and should be approached gently.

Rather than being argumentative and hostile, mediation is collaborative and encourages the couple to cooperate. This is also a great way at testing the marriage, and finding out whether divorce is truly the right option for the pair. Divorce litigation shies away from addressing the more personal aspect of relationships and goes straight for the financials, properties, and anything else that can be argued over. Mediation lets the couple really dig deep into their relationship, and why the marriage dissolved in the first place, leaving both parties responsible and without blame.

Mediation does not replace the legal implications of divorce, and the need for legal counsel, it simply provides an alternative to the courtroom battle. Through mediation, the couple has taken control over the situation, but can have a lawyer present, so that all legal consequences of the client’s decision are made clear and apparent before the settlement is final.

The decision to get married was a decision out of love, why should the decision to separate be one of bitterness. Take control of your future life without hurt and hassle.

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