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Your Venice Short Sale Agent Can walk you Through the Entire Process

If you are at a point financially where you can no longer afford your mortgage payments, there is help. Let Toni Patillo and her team walk you through the entire process. She has the experience and expertise to be your Venice short sale agent and get the job done. So if you are looking for a Venice short sale agent, look no further, Toni Patillo can help. There are a lot of aspects to the short sale process so it really does make a difference if you have a qualified Venice short sale agent to help with your transaction. It is important to have the experience of a Venice short sale agent so all of the paperwork is handled appropriately and no deadlines are missed. If your realtor misses deadlines it can delay the entire process and cause you to have to resubmit documents. Venice short sale agents are responsible for your short sale transaction from start to finish. They begin with first walking you through your home to make sure it is ready to be listed and then they will actually complete the listing on your home. Once the home is listed, you will start to get people that want to come see it. The next and most exciting step is when the potential buyer submits an offer to your Venice short sale agent. Everything will start to fall in place as the Venice short sale agent submits the offer to your bank or lender. Then the waiting game begins when you wait to see if your lender will approve your short sale package. It is important to have all documents complete and turned in on time so there is no delay in the short sale process. Contact Toni Patillo and her team today so you can get started on your Venice short sale package.