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Your Short Sale Needs The Right Agent In Order To Be Successful

As Venice short sales continue to become more popular it is important that you find the right agent. The short sale process is ever changing and has not been around for that long. Not just any real estate agent is skilled to handle Venice short sales. Toni Patillo and Associates have been getting Venice short sales closed for over six years and want to help you avoid foreclosure.

This experience has taught us about getting your file approved quickly and with the best terms negotiated with your lender. Having handled so many short sales files we have made numerous relationships with the staff at many large national lenders who are the decision makers for your file. We are also your best choice because we can provide a team of experts and not just one agent. Venice short sales can be time consuming for your agent and require frequent communication with the lender,investor, and any third party organizations. Having an entire team means every short sale file has our focus and determine from the start to the finish. The most important aspect of Venice short sales is finding the right agent for you situation. Six years of experience and a staff constantly learning about the housking market means we will likely be familiar with your property. More importantly, Toni Patillo and Associates are here to help people and are not out for a paycheck. In fact, in a short sale the commission paid to the agent is from the lender and not out of your pocket.

With Venice short sales happening every day it is worth your time to at least consider the options for your distressed property. Toni Patillo and Associates will put the information in front of you to find the best alternative to foreclosure for you. This may be the most important decision of you life and we want to be there to see you through it.