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Your Lender May Offer Incentives Simply For Completing Short Sale

Given the recent popularity of Santa Monica Short Sales now could be the right time for you to sell your distressed property. As lenders continue to speed up the approval process they have even started offering incentive programs for some borrowers. As theses changes are announced and lenders change their guidelines Toni Patillo and Associates stays informed to better serve you the homeowner.

While not every homeowner will qualify for these programs I have seen many Santa Monica Short Sales of late that have included incentives, such as relocation assistance, paid out at closing. Large national lenders, including Bank of America and Chase, have been offering certain borrowers up to thirty thousand dollars at closing just to complete a short sale. Many of the homeowners who have qualified were contacted directly by their lender but this does always rule out your chances. Santa Monica Short Sales that have a loan which is serviced and owned by the same bank will normally stand a better chance of being offered these incentive packages. Saving thousands of dollars through these Santa Monica Short Sales is already a blessing for a homeowner and an incentive check at the end is simply a cherry on the top. The Santa Monica Short Sales that I take on every day are always examined by our team to see if any incentives are available for the homeowner. Remember though, these programs will not be around forever and the sooner you contact an agent the better your chances.

At Toni Patillo and Associates we are always learning and adjusting with the Santa Monica housing market to better serve our community. Getting Santa Monica Short Sales closed every day is a wonderful opportunity to help our neighbors get back on their feet and on the road to