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Your Beachside Realtor

There is something about the Westside of Los Angeles– the proximity to water – that I find calming. The free spirit of the ocean is reflected in the people, the culture, the lifestyle, and the property. I’m here to talk about just that – the amazing real estate property in Santa Monica and the Westside.

My name is Toni Patillo and I’m the Broker of Record for Keller Williams Santa Monica, the Owner/Operator of Toni Patillo & Associates, and the Owner/Operator of LA City Short Sales. I’m also the radio host of Call Toni Real Estate Radio for KTLKAM1150 where I give real estate, business, and financial tips and strategies to our listeners every Saturday from 3-4pm.

Past my professional pursuits, I’m a Westside resident. I live on Via Marina in Marina del Rey and the beaches up to Santa Monica are my playground. I walk, eat, live, breath, buy, and sell the beach town homes that make up one of the most unique and colorful neighborhoods in the country. Drawing on my experiences, each week I want to empower readers with real estate trends, tools and personal stories to help them be the most informed buyer or renter they can be.

My professional specialization is helping people who must sell, not by choice. Whether someone is upside down in their mortgage or going through a family hardship, I seek to be of service and help people realize they have the ability to manifest, create, and get through their situation. My purpose is to help people and my vehicle is through real estate.

Please read my blog and ask me questions and together let’s celebrate the amazing community we call home.