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You Need The Help Of A Santa Monica Realtor To Complete A Short Sale

Do you need to complete a short sale and would like to know if it’s something that you can complete on your own? Santa Monica realtor Toni Patillo says that to complete a short sale on your distressed property you do need to work with an experienced and knowledgeable Santa Monica realtor. There’s no need to worry however, because her team of associates is here to help. At Toni Patillo and Associates, they specialize in distressed properties, especially short sales and foreclosure. They are ready and willing to help any homeowner with their financial troubles as it relates to their housing situation.

So, why do you need a Santa Monica realtor to help you with your short sale? There are a few different reasons why. First you need to request permission from your lender to complete the short sale on your home; the homeowner is required to assemble a short sale package and your Santa Monica realtor submits this in your behalf. Second, once the lender has agreed to the short sale and a buyer is secured, the terms of the sale have to be negotiated between the lender and the Santa Monica realtor. This is something that only an experienced Santa Monicarealtor should handle because there are number of different guidelines and processes that need to be followed when negotiating the short sale.

If you are at all struggling to make your mortgage payments and are considering a short sale, or if you are already in the middle of the foreclosure process and looking for alternatives, reach out for help to the team at Toni Patillo and Associates. In doing so, you will get to work with the premiere Santa Monica real estate team, successfully short sale your home and begin a new financial chapter in your life.