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Work With A Venice Short Sale Agent To Ensure A Smooth Transaction

re you researching the option of completing a short sale and have heard that much of the success of a short sale depends on whether you work with a Venice short sale agent over a traditional real estate agent? Venice short sale agents want you to know that you’ve heard right. Unfortunately, many distressed homeowners are unaware of this fact and choose to work with a real estate agent that has little to no experience in the short sale market; this, often times, can cause their transaction to take much longer and face more obstacles than is necessary or worse, it could keep their short sale from being approved all together.

So, why is it so important to work with a Venice short sale agent instead of a traditional real estate agent you ask? There are a number of different reasons but today we’re going to highlight just a few of them for you. The biggest reason is simply because short sale transactions are completely different from traditional real estate transactions. Your Venice short sale agent has to gain approval from your lender to complete a short sale, you have to submit a short sale package and there is much more negotiating that occurs and it is between the Venice short sale agent and your lender rather than the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent. If you work with a traditional real estate agent are they going to know the process like the back of their hand like a Venice short sale agent does? Are they going to know what forms are required in a short sale package and how to write a hardship letter? Another big reason that you should work with a Venice short sale agent is because, since they have years of experience, they’ve built relationships and a rapport with different lenders, servicers and investors. This can pay off big time when it comes to working on a short sale transaction. Would you rather work with a Venice short sale agent that knows who to contact when an issue arises with your transaction or do you want to wait around while your traditional real estate agent tries to figure things out, getting nowhere because they don’t have the relationships established?

If you want experience a stress-free, smooth, successful short sale transaction make sure you work with a Venice short sale agent rather than a traditional real estate agent; believe us, your financial future heavily depends on it.