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Will A Santa Monica Short Sale Help Your Situation? Find Out With This Free Tool

Have you thought about completing a Santa Monica short sale on your home but aren’t sure if it is the best financial decision for you? Have you talked to a Santa Monica short sale expert about your situation but are still unable to really make a final decision? If you’re looking for a tool that can help you to really crunch and analyze the numbers to help you determine if a Santa Monica short sale will be beneficial to you and your family we would like to encourage you to check out the Short or Stay Calculator provided by Toni Patillo & Associates at

This advantageous tool is being used by homeowners and Santa Monica short sale candidates to help them with the same situation you’re in: should they complete a Santa Monica short sale or stay in their home? This tool is quick and easy to use and will provide you with accurate and immediate results. If you enter in your property address, mortgage interest rate, principal amount and monthly mortgage payment the calculator will generate a report outlining how much time and money it will take until your property breaks even. This is based on three different rates of appreciation and can help you determine just how beneficial completing a Santa Monica short sale will be to your financial situation. Not only will you receive this free report via email immediately, you’ll also be able to consult with an experienced Santa Monica short sale agent that will discuss your results with you and answer all of your questions.

To learn more about the short sale calculator and to try it out, visit The report is free to use, so why not take advantage of this amazing resource and learn more about whether or not a Santa Monica short sale is right for you.