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Why it Might be a Good Idea to Short Sell your Property

Hi, I’m Toni Patillo with Toni Patillo and Associates, your leading Venice short sale agents. Today we would like to talk about the need to choose the best Venice short sale agents and why we are the perfect team for you. Do not waste your time on an inexperienced agent if you want to get your Venice short sale approved in a timely manner and possibly get all deficiency judgments waived. We are here to help our clients through every part of the short sale process. With our Venice short sale agent experience, we can help evaluate your situation and go over all of your options with you. One of the first things we will do is list your home with a list price of current market value. We will also help to line up qualified buyers to view your property. Once we have a buyer, our experienced Venice short sale agents will negotiate the terms of the short sale with your lenders. You may not have even thought of this yet, but you will need a place to live in after your short sale is negotiated and complete. We will help you locate a new place to live as you begin your new financial journey to recovery.

Some other good points to mention as your Venice short sale agents is the short sale is free to you. It will not cost you anything during the process. The lender takes care of any costs we require. A short sale will help you avoid foreclosure, and help begin restoring your credit immediately. Just for completing a short sale, you have the opportunity to receive relocation assistance. This will be based on your lender and what type of loan you have. Please contact us today with any questions you have. We would be happy to meet with you and go over your situation.