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When Considering Options Discuss Benefits Of Santa Monica Short Sales

A lot of homeowners that I work with were not always sold on the benefits of a Santa Monica Short Sale. Whether they heard misleading stories or were just ashamed to ask for help many homeowners are simply waiting for foreclosure to take place. At Toni Patillo and Associates we want to hear about your current real estate issues to help you find the best solution and avoid foreclosure.

Santa Monica Short Sales have already helped thousands of homeowners avoid foreclosure while also moving on from their inflated mortgage payments. If your mortgage is underwater and you are struggling to make your payments it is worth your time to discuss a Santa Monica Short Sale. While there are numerous short term advantages the biggest benefit is avoiding the long term pain of a foreclosure. Homeowners who allow their property to be foreclosed on will generally not be credit worthy for at least seven years. This means either seeking private financing for a new home, at very high interest rates, or renting for at least seven years. A Santa Monica Short Sale can have you back in a home that own with in two years of selling your distressed property. A Santa Monica Short Sale will also result in limited damage to your credit score compared to a foreclosure. In fact, the most damage done to your credit score during a Santa Monica Short Sale is actually the result of missing payments. The fewer mortgage payments that are missed the better standing of your credit score after a short sale. Even if a Santa Monica Short Sale is not right for you there are numerous other options for avoiding foreclosure. Contact Toni Patillo and Associates today to chat with an expert about your current real estate situation and where you would like to be in five to ten years.