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What Should Your Santa Monica Realtor Do To Help You Find A Home?

Have you recently been looking at homes online or in the paper to see what’s available in the area and now you are ready to contact a Santa Monica realtor to get started actually looking at homes? Toni Patillo, one of the leading Santa Monica realtors, wants you to know a few things that your Santa Monica realtor should help you with in your home search.

First and foremost, your Santa Monica realtor should discuss current market conditions with you; is it a buyer’s market, seller’s market or middle-of-the-road? Also, how many homes are on inventory and are homes typically going for their listing price or lower? Next you’ll want to discuss exactly what you’re looking for in a home; what’s your price range, your must-haves and what would just be a nice amenity? By letting your Santa Monica realtor know exactly what you’re looking for they will be able to show you homes that meet all of these specific criteria. Third, the real estate agent will negotiate the terms of the sale with the seller’s agent, complete any paperwork, such as the closing statement, and handle any issues that may arise during the closing of escrow.

All of the previously mentioned items are something that any Santa Monica realtor should help you with when you begin your home search, so if they’re not, perhaps it’s a sign that you should work with someone you know will provide you with these services. At Toni Patillo and Associates, they are passionate about going about and beyond to help you find the home that fits all of your needs while staying within your budget. Browse their website at or reach out to them via phone or email to let them begin helping you with your home search. When you work with one of Santa Monica‘s most experienced and driven realtors, you won’t be left disappointed.