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What Role Does Your Venice Short Sale Agent Play in the Process?

You might have noticed that some Venice short sale agents place properties on the market that will never end up closing as a short sale. This could be because the agents do not always qualify the short sale sellers. Some agents place absurd price tags on the short sale listings. Typically the banks will never accept these as short sales. This is one reason you need to choose an experienced Venice short sale agent to help with your transaction. It is recommended that you choose a Venice short sale agent such as Toni Patillo and her team who has closed at least 100 short sales successfully. The Venice short sale agent will determine the type of short sale you are looking at. It could be a Fannie Mae HAFA or a non-GSE HAFA to a traditional short sale. Your Venice short sale agent will collect all the required paperwork and submit your complete short sale package to the lender. It is important that your Venice short sale agent not outsource this process to a third party negotiator. They should be the ones handling all of the negotiations. Toni and her team do exactly this. Toni and her team will also help you put a price on your short sale. This list price needs to be low enough to attract a buyer and high enough to agree to the bank’s BPO. Your Venice short sale agent will also put the home on the market. The agent then must let you know as the seller any offers that have been made. The next step for your Venice short sale agent is to negotiate the short sale process with your lender. Finally the will submit the short sale approval letter to you as the seller. Most agents and sellers are hoping to be released of any liability and deficiency judgments.