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What is the Typical Process with Venice Short Sales?

If you are considering completing a Venice short sale on your home, you are probably wondering what the process is really like. Usually the Venice short sale will start with the seller finding a Venice short sale agent and signing a listing agreement with a Venice short sale agent. This is what gets the ball rolling on the entire process. Next, your Venice short sale agent will start to show the home and look for potential buyers. Once the buyer submits an offer, your Venice short sale agent will submit it to your lender on your behalf. Then the seller will accept the buyer’s purchase offer if they agree to it. Once this step in the Venice short sale process is complete, the seller’s lender will accept the buyer’s purchase offer. Then the transaction closes and the lender will release the lien. This whole process takes some time and does not happen overnight, but it is worth it in the end.

Another topic that comes up a lot when homeowners are going through a Venice short sale is wondering if everyone has to know if they are listing their home as a Venice short sale. Does it have to be advertised that this is what they are going through? The answer is no. your Venice short sale agent will do their best to respect your privacy and confidentiality. The sign in front of your house should look the same as it would on a traditional sale. The marketing campaign will not indicate it is a short sale to the public. The only place we have to list it as a short sale is on the MLS. We understand you don’t want this information made public and no one really needs to know you are going through a tough financial situation. Please know that you are not alone and almost 40-60% of U.S. sales are short sales or foreclosures.