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Weed Out The Not-So-Great Realtors When Buying

Weed Out The Not-So-Great Realtors When BuyingIf you’re about to join the list of potential buyers that are entering today’s real estate market, it’s highly likely that you have some concerns and anxieties related to the process of buying a home. One thing that anyone experienced with the real estate market will tell you, whether it’s an agent, buyer or seller, is that working with a realtor that knows the ins and outs of your local market can calm all of your worries; when looking for a realtor to work with, you want to find one that works hard enough to earn every penny of their commission. Here are a few factors to look for when trying to weed out the great real estate agents from the average Joes.

When putting in an offer on a home, you want your agent to believe in your offer, rather than just accepting it; it is their job to try and get the seller and the bank to agree to what you’re offering. An agent that merely takes what you’re offering rather than whole-heartedly supporting and backing it is probably a good sign of how they may act throughout the rest of the transaction (if your offer is accepted, that is). When it comes to the bank accepting your offer it will depend on how the appraisal comes back. Almost a quarter of all residential appraisals have faced challenges recently; if this happens to you, you want an agent that will challenge the bank on their appraisal price to get you the home you want.

A great real estate agent will also work with you on your moving time frame. While a lot of times the closing date of your loan and the final possession of your new home is out of their control, there are people they can talk to and certain influences they can have to make your move date as accommodating to your needs as possible.

One of the most important things in this entire process is that your agent helps you find the perfect house to fit your wants and needs. If your agent is showing you homes that are out of your budget or don’t meet some of your requirements, this should be a red flag that they’re not in tune to what your desires are. Be up front with your agent about what you want out of a home and encourage that they be open and honest with you about whether all of your wants and needs are unattainable.

Lastly, a great real estate agent will be able to face head-on ALL of the challenges that arise. Whether an issue occurs during negotiations with the seller, during the inspection or appraisal, any great real estate agent will be able handle difficult situations and get you through them to the end of your transaction.