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Want To Sell Quickly? Price Your Home Right

At Toni Patillo and Associates, we often times we get asked what the average length of time is that our listings are on the market. Our listings aren’t typically on the market for more than a week because I price my homes to sell. I often get a little resistance from the sellers because they’re shocked by the price that I’m recommending, but I recommend prices that dictate immediate activity. Typically what happens is we receive multiple offers and get much more than what the asking price of the home is.

Just recently because there’s low inventory on the market, great interest rates for homebuyers and there are many buyers out there looking for homes, our inventory isn’t sitting long at all. We are seeing almost immediate offers on homes, but only if that property is priced right. If your home is overpriced it will more than likely sit on the market, but if it is priced properly, you’ll see activity on your home right away and won’t have any problem selling.

If you want to know more about accurately pricing your home in today’s market or are looking for tools and resources on buying or selling a home, please check out for all of the information you need. If you’re seeking foreclosure alternatives, are falling behind on your mortgage payments or are upside down on your home, try out to learn more about whether you should stay in your home or if a short sale is a better alternative for you. The calculator is free, easy to use and only requires basic information about your property and mortgage. You’ll receive your report right away providing you with all of the information and details that you’re looking for to make an educated and informed decision about your situation.