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Want A Tool To Determine Your Equity And Profit? Venice Realtor Toni Patillo Has What You’re Looking For!

Are you considering selling your home because you’re outgrowing it but you’re really not sure what your property value is and if you’ll be able to complete an equity sale? There’s a great tool for you to use that’s offered by one of the leading Venice realtors, Toni Patillo & Associates, that can give you all the information you need to determine your property value and whether or not you can complete an equity sale; if so, it can tell you how much you could expect to profit on the sale of your home.

The home profit calculator can be found at; it is free to use for all homeowners because this Venice realtor believes in empowering and educating her customers, unlike other Venice realtors. The calculator is simple and easy to use so why not try it out today to find out more about your situation?

To begin using the calculator just enter in your property address, remaining principal on your mortgage, interest rate as well as your monthly mortgage payment. An email will be sent to you within minutes outlining your property value and how much equity you have in your home. From this you can determine what you could potentially profit if you were to complete an equity sale. If you don’t have equity in your home it will tell you how much time and money it will take until your home is an asset again. Remember, if you don’t have equity and need to sell you can always complete a short sale. Toni Patillo and her team of Venice realtors are short sale experts as well, so no matter the outcome of your report, her team is capable of assisting you with your real estate transaction.

If you do decide to sell, whether it’s an equity sale or a short sale, give these experienced Venice realtors a call. They have the tools, resources, information and education you want and need from a Venice realtor and they are ready to share all of their knowledge with you and help you get your home sold.