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Venice Short Sales Require Dedicated Agent With Proven Success

Venice Short Sales cannot be handled by just any real estate agent. It is important that your short sale file is handled by an experienced agent who has closed short sales on a consistent basis. Buying or selling a home is a very big decision and a homeowner needs to have confidence in their agent.

Toni Patillo and Associates  have been handling Venice Short Sales for years now and have the track record to show their success. Venice Short Sales that are successful require focus and attention that cannot allows be achieved with just one agent. Toni and her team of specialists are able to focus on what they do best on each and every file to make sure it’s approved quickly. On average Venice Short Sales will take four to six months to finish. Toni Patillo and Associates want to make that experience as smooth as possible with no worries or concern for the homeowner. If Venice Short Sales are needed for your property chances are you have more important things to focus on than selling your home. And for that reason Toni Patillo and Associates want to handle every aspect of selling your home. Even if you aren’t sure if Venice Short Sales are right for you they can discuss all of your options. Homeowners who enter in to foreclosure will not be able to qualify for a mortgage for at least seven years. Homeowners who complete Venice Short Sales will have to wait an average of two to three years to qualify again. This is certainly one of the biggest reasons to find the best agent for your distressed property. Far too often homeowners drain their bank accounts in order to stay current on their mortgage. With Venice Short Sales being an option this is certainly not necessary.

If you have missed a mortgage payment already or if default is imminent make sure to contact Toni Patillo and her team of experts to discuss your next step. Toni and her team are a part of your community and want to offer their experience to get you on the path to recovery. Venice Short Sales are one of the ways to get back on your feet and avoid foreclosure.