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Venice Short Sale Agents Say Bank Of America Improving Their Short Sale Processes

Have you searched the internet looking for information on completing a Bank of America short sale? Venice short sale agents want you to know that if you’ve found some negative reviews not to be deterred because things are looking up. It’s true that Bank of America used to be rather difficult to work with when it came to short sales, says a Venice short sale agent. However, they have recently implemented a few changes to their short sale system that have improved things drastically.

One Venice short sale explains to use that Bank of America has started using Equator to process their short sale transactions and to keep all applicable documents in one place. Equator is an online platform the allows lenders and Venice short sale agents to communicate back and forth with one another, upload and send documents to each other as well as helps Venice short sale agents track the progress of their short sale transactions. It is a great system and holds all parties accountable for their portion of the process. In fact, Venice short sale agents say many of the bigger banks are turning to Equator to streamline their processes because they’ve seen just how beneficial it can be to them and their customers. Bank of America has also hired additional employees and provided more thorough training for them. They have really taken action to become one of the forerunners in the short sale process and Venice short sale agents say that everyone is noticing the vast improvements they have recently made.

If you have a Bank of America mortgage and are curious about completing a short sale with them please contact a Venice short sale agent today for further information. Don’t believe what you’re reading about them on the internet; get the right information from a Venice short sale agent that has the experience of working with Bank of America.