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Venice Short Sale Agents Are There To Help You With Your Hardship Letter

Are you struggling to write a hardship letter for your short sale package? Have you reached out to your Venice short sale agent for help but you’re still having trouble getting started? If you’re in a situation similar to this and need to get started on your hardship letter we’d like to provide you with some suggestions that experienced Venice short sale agents provide to all of their clients that are experiencing writer’s block.

First and foremost, it’s important to note that writing a hardship letter isn’t something to lose sleep over; while you do want to write a decent letter, in the end your Venice short sale agent will look it over before submitting it to your lender to ensure that it includes all of the required information. One veteran Venice short sale agent says to treat your hardship letter as any other letter you would write to an acquaintance. You want to keep the tone semi-formal and ensure that you’re covering all the details. Information that lenders are looking for include what your hardship is; did you lose your job and can no longer pay your mortgage or do you have to relocate for your job? Essentially, why do you need to complete a short sale on your home? If it’s a situation that is financially related some lenders like to know if you have tried to remedy the situation in any way. Have you attempted a loan modification that failed? Did you try to cut back on your expenses but were unsuccessful?

While your hardship letter is important in the grand scheme of things, if you’re struggling to even get started ask your Venice short sale agent if they have an example letter you can get some ideas from. Remember, they’ll go through your short sale package and read your hardship letter before submitting it to your lender so, while you want to write a decent letter, your Venice short sale agent is there to double check your work.