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Venice Short Sale Agent Sees Continue Chase Bank Success

If you have a mortgage through Chase Bank now may be the best time to contact a Venice Short Sale Agent. With mortgage rates at all-time lows and short sale incentives available your distressed property no longer needs to hold you down. Chase Bank has already helped thousands of homeowners get out from under their mortgage debt and the right Venice Short Sale Agent can help you do the same.

Chase Bank has been helping homeowners complete short sales for several years and continues to improve their process. One of the benefits of a Chase Bank short sale is the use of their online platform called Equator. This great tool allows your Venice Short Sale Agent to upload all short sale documents to a secure website that will allow for better transparency and communciation. This will allow your Venice Short Sale Agent to notice and problems with your file and contact Chase easily with any questions. By having your entire short sale file online your Venice Short Sale Agent can work with the representatives at Chase to get your file approved quickly. Another great reason to consider a Chase Bank short sale is the option of receiving relocation assistance. Homeowners who have a mortgage that is owned and serviced by Chase Bank have already received up to fifty thousand dollars in order to complete a short sale. Given the size of Chase Banks mortgage portfolio there is a good chane your Venice Short Sale Agent will have experience working with their staff. The more experience your Venice Short Sale Agent has the better they will be able to answer your questions. Chase Bank understands that a short sale is good for them and the homeowner and continues to imrove their process.

If you are struggling to make your Chase Bank payments every month now is the time to consider a short sale. Contact a trusted Venice Short Sale Agent with your questions to get started today.