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Venice Short Sale Agent Offers Break Even Calculator To Make Sense Of Housing Market

For homeowners who are considering a short sale it can often to hard to know where to start. Thanks to one of the leading Venice Short Sale Agents this problem has been solved for you. And even better it’s free! The Break Even Calculator is available to all homeowners on the Toni Patillo and Associates website and takes only a few minutes to use.

Simply enter in some basic information about your home, along with your e-mail, and the Break Even Calculator will e-mail an in-depth report about your real estate options. You won’t need to do any special research or contact your lender in order to use this free tool. Simply enter in your current mortgage balance, address, and rate of interest to get started. Once this information in entered your Venice Short Sale Agent and the fine folks at Zillow can help you assess your current property value. This is important information in order to understand how far underwater your current mortgage is. For some homeowners waiting out the market in hopes of a return of equity will make the most sense. However, in many cases contacting a trusted Venice Short Sale Agent to discuss your options will be necessary. This is because many homeowners will find their property to be more than fifty percent underwater. The detailed report you receive will also lay out different home prices in different recovey scenarios over the next five years. It is always important as a homeowner to have your long term real estate goals in mind when making short term decisions. With this in mind, in may be best to sit down with Venice Short Sale Agent in order to go over your Break Even Calculator results.

Once you have your report give Toni Patillo and Associates a call with any questions you may have or to get started on your short sale file today. As a long time Venice Short Sale Agent Toni and her team have helped hundreds of homeowners avoid foreclosure. This free tool is just one way to assess your real estate path to recovery.