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Venice Short Sale Agent Explains Benefits Available From Incentive Programs

When you have chosen the best Venice Short Sale Agent for your distressed property it increases the chances of obtaining the best approval, and price, available. In today’s housing market this may include the potential for short sale incentives simply for selling your distressed property. At Toni Patillo and Associates we have been helping homeowners complete successful short sales for years and are here to help.

As both federal programs and private lender programs continue to pop up Toni and her team have stayed educating on what this means for you. As lenders and mortgage servicing companies realize the value of short sales they have sweetened the pot for homeowners. Your Venice Short Sale Agent can help you get relocation money at closing or even possible tax breaks simply for completing a short sale. For those homeowners who have a mortgage that is owned and serviced by a private lender, such as Bank of America or Wells Fargo, you may qualify for a large check at closing. Homeowners who have qualifed for these programs in the past have received up to fifty thousand dollars at closing simply for completing their short sale. Because your lender is not in the business of owning distressed properties it makes more sense to help homeowners get out from under their properites and move on. As a homeowner make sure your Venice Short Sale Agent has experience working with these incentives programs. Many homeowners who find themselves in a position to short sale could certainly use a little help getting back on their feet and this is their opportunity. Your Venice Short Sale Agent can help you understand what program can help you the most and what is needed to qualify.

Contact a trusted Venice Short Sale Agent to learn what great programs are available for distressed property owners like yourself. Whether it is cash at closing, tax breaks in April, or protection from legal action your Venice Short Sale Agent can help youo the path to recovery thanks to short sale incentives.